Chapter 88
Volume III

Man these pictures are sooo cute!  Now this is what I call a good 'set'.  It just happens to be that my 'blooper shot' when I was caught off guard they decided to put as my cover page here you see to the left.  Its been a while since I've really modeled a hot bikini, and I thought it was about time!  This kind of cut is my favorite, just the right sort of sexy.  But what makes the set is not the bikini, but the sexy poses, some really nice angles caught me in hot standing, butt shots, crawlies, funky squats and whatever else you can think of that would make a hot Lia picture.

Kind of following up from my last video, I'm naked in the bathroom, and put on my pink bikini.  I'm also fresh and bouncy since I had a good sleep hehe.  Oh I know... what about a fine shower in a bikini??  So... I get myself wet, lather myself (breasts first) then my private parts, but I was in that sexual mood so I kind of started rubbing myself.  Maybe I just felt a little spontaneous hehe.  Anyways, it all set the mood for what I'm going to do next!
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