Chapter 89
Volume I

Hey Gang, its true, my breasts seem to be growing.  I'm usually a b/c cup girl but my boobs feel heavier and I've had to get new bras that are true c cup bras.   I'm sure you don't mind this new 'situation', right?  We have another new location, its an office building that is in its last stages of construction.  I'm wearing a black & blue combo outfit, with the cutest panties that totally match.

Alison is holding the video camera, trying to take my usual role of assistant girl.  She's learning to keep the camera stable and not to shake too much or zoom in and out etc.  Its video of me when I was getting my pics taken, and attempts at licking my breasts and stuff.  My tongue is never long enough.  But don't you think its cuter if a girl has a small tongue instead of a giant one?  Its like a manly thing then.  There is a bit of funny interaction between Alison and me.  Then a little water fountain nipple wetting action.  Then some twirlies too.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.