Chapter 89
Volume II

The photographer kind of pulled a surprise on me by telling me we have a water fountain shoot next.  I didn't have the bikini I wanted for it on me, so I made a makeshift outfit out of a tube top and some butt shorts.  I'm right out here with my fuller breasts showing them off, cars are driving by and one lady kept driving by back and forth.  I know she was looking for trouble, probably wanted to get us in trouble.  So we didn't stay too long.  You'll like those water ones where my private part is half submerged wedgie style.

Getting ready, then jumping in the water! I get my breasts wet kind of by doing the wet t-shirt thing.  The water was cold! I pulled my bottoms down and did some crawlies like in the photos.  Butt lovers rejoice!  Well kind of.  Then when I crawled into the water, I got a glass shard in my hand!!  It hurt but I'm a trooper and kept posing.
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