Chapter 90
Volume I

I have a lot of fans who are in the military, either in active duty, stationed at a US base and even in Iraq.  I get a lot of emails for me to do some in a military outfit or some sort of camouflage thing, so here it is!  Its Lia style of course, with a short camo skirt, a hot camo top that lets me unzip and show off my breasts, and my new favorite hottie heels that so matches the outfit.  My whole shoot is around some heavy machinery, and lets say I'm the logistics and support personnel chick hehe.  I think it would be hot to show up one day at some event in a military base like this!

In my military outfit, with a 'paratrooper' backpack, I climb the big construction vehicle, all the while the camera gets up my shorts.  These shorts are very skinny, and you get glimpses of my private parts all the time.  I get into my chatty dorky mode and do some roleplaying, then remember my alphanumerics.
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