Chapter 90
Volume II

I kind of like these series, I've been harassing the photographer that I wanted   I'm acting as the hottest football player (to me) -- Jeremy Shockey of the Giants.   Lucky me I don't get to use a real football, but some weird banana thing instead.  The pictures are great, I especially like this coverpage one.  Wouldn't you want to just cuddle up with me while I'm in this outfit, watching football with you and the guys?  I'm sure I'll turn heads and make them want me.  But I'm all yours so you can make them jealous hehe.

I act out another role where I'm directing a play on a cardboard with a cheezy pen.  Then Alison throws me the ball and we play the 'toss' back and forth.  I wish we could've done this in a real stadium with a real football.  You can tell the photographer and Alison don't care much for football but my fans do!  At least some of you do right?
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