Chapter 91
Volume I

This is really a total random shoot, just driving by a place and we see a whole area that is under some kind of wierd construction or remodeling, and the photographer thought, why not just get completely naked and do a shoot here?  Of course he's not the one getting naked, so no worries for him.  The nudes are nice, and the background definitely makes a unique difference here.  I kind of like #126 and #131 though, I would've picked one of those for a cover page.

I'd say this is the first time I'm masturbating outside of the houses I've shot in, whether its my home, or one of the FTV houses.  I'm playing and fingering myself right out at an office building, a lot like what many of the FTV models do!  Never thought I'd come this far.  But I'm so much more comfortable masturbating now than I did a year ago.  I rubbed and fingered myself, it was a lighter playful thing, but I enjoyed it and got into a little orgasm in the end of it.
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