Chapter 92
Volume II

You gotta love these pics, its something I've never done before, and it almost looks like I'm wearing some very small leather outfit.  I wrapped it around my breasts and butt, and we took a lot of photos from different angles.  Hot pictures, don't you think?  It gives me the mean bad girl look, and the wraparounds on my neck and wrists were my idea.  #135 thru 138 are so hot and sassy... with my hair up.  Yessah.  I pull the bondage tape up and around my private parts and breasts, making wedgies.

For all you lovers out there, they make bondage tape....caution wrap tape loosely, do not tighten, do not leave your partner alone.  Take your lover to new heights of pleasure!  Well that's what it says on the container hehe.  First I wrapped it around under my breasts, then over my breasts, squishing them (ouch!) and I tried to make it corset-style pushing my breasts up.  Then made a mini-skirt that basically has my butt and private parts sticking all out.  Looks hot I say!  Then when I took the tape off, my body sweat was all over them so I dripped it on the photographer to gross him out.  He didn't like that hehe.
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