Chapter 92
Volume III

Back to the same shower entrance where I did two of my favorite shoots, but this time at night.  I have a lavender colored towel covering my naked body, then I do a stripdown, with some cute curled up ones at the end. 

I was in one of my real horny moods, I think it had to do with the fact that I had started masturbating earlier, but was interrupted by the neighbors, then I was doing that bondage tape thing that kind of turned me on.  I picked a vibrator that an FTV model used recently in a shoot (all washed and sterilized of course!) because the girl who used it really seemed to enjoy it and even squirted with it.  So I thought lets see how it vibrates my private part.  All of this in the shower entrance.  I wanted it here because I knew I would get really wet, and I didn't want to make a mess.  The photographer got upset with me because after I orgasmed, I quickly wiped my juices up with his girlfriend's towel.  Oh well hehe that was my intention.  I did get really wet on this one, but I had no intention of showing it off like some girls do on FTV. eg. Lisa comes to mind!
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