Chapter 94
Volume II

Following the athletic theme of the last shoot, I did a bench press shoot that was a member's suggestion.  They wanted me to shoot like this at a gym, but how am I going to pull that off? haha.  So we did it at a 'back yard gym' and had my breasts out, then took my shorts off as well.

There's a bench press out in the back yard, with 25lb weights on them.  Those were too heavy, I can't bench 95lbs!  So I took off the weights and started benching the 45lb bar alone.  I had someone spot me while I do it, and what you guys don't realize that all the reps I did on video, I also did many off camera.  I'd say I did at least 40 reps of the bar in this shoot.  That's a lot, no?  Why so many reps?  Because I had to do it several times clothed, then with my nipples out, then from a different angle, then crotch view, then with my bottoms completely off and so on... so you guys could enjoy my body from every angle possible while I work out.
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