Chapter 95
Volume II

This corset is another piece of lingerie I bought recently, it looks hot on me (in my opinion) and it pushes my boobs up nicely.  Its just that you can't really bend with it, and it is hard to put on.  Hard to breathe too.   You'll like the butt shots on these, and even though my makeup is rather light today, and I had so little sleep the night before, so I kind of look tired in the pics.

Okay, so I'm not a good fake sleeper, of course I wasn't asleep on this bed.  Got to understand, that this bed belongs to somebody's parents, and I'm not sure if they would have cared to have me naked on it.  It made for good pictures though.  I wake up, lie on my back, and start spreading.  I wanted to give the serious look in this shoot, but somehow I look more mean that way hehe.  Even though the shoot is called bedroom eyes, I think its more about my private part and videotaping me spreading it more than anything else (and some fingering too).  I tasted my fingers after pulling out of my private part.
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