Chapter 96
Volume I

Boy did it get cloudy fast!  It is around 2pm here, and it was sunny when we started shooting, but then the thunderclouds started rolling in.  I like shoots in the sun, and especially if I have to go into the water like the pool.  The water is still kind of cold when its not heated!  We basically took a lot of bikini pics at different locations around the pool, and some pics while I was masturbating.  That picture there on the cover is probably when I was near orgasm, that's my oh face hehe.

The clouds are coming, but I'm standing on top of the pool, posing and acting dorky, then I sit in the water, next to the steps and start playing with my breasts.  First comes squishing, then comes rubbing, then comes fingering, all from a low perspective between my legs on the water.  I have this new vibrating toy we got that I've tried at home a couple of times, and makes me orgasm quickly.  I push it in me while I rub myself and it makes a world of difference.  Today I was feeling kind of shy when I orgasmed, I couldn't look at the camera, but I think its that I was in such an open area doing it this time.
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