Chapter 98
Volume I

Back a few months ago, the owner & photographer of FTV (and my site, naturally) bought a new car (the old car being the Mitsubishi 3000GT green one you see all the time).  Its a hot car, with class and taste, I know he could have gotten a Ferrari or Lamborghini but the Mercedes SL55amg has the same performance, but the class, reliability and comfort of a Mercedes.  Heh, listen to me I'm like a spokesmodel for the company!  Well anyways, I wore a sexy lavender dress, though I wish I had something a little more sexy/silver or white to go with this one.  I get naked pretty fast, but boy, I was dying of the heat, its now the hottest time of the year, like 113 degrees outside!!

I give a tour of the car, showing off how it turns convertible (like my car!) and going completely naked while having the AC blast fresh cool air on my body.
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