Chapter 99
Volume II

I think this lingerie is cute, but the photographer really liked it more than I thought.  Probably because of the nipple seethrough thing.  I posed mostly in the makeup counter area of the bathroom, and I had the perfect new heels to go with it.  Then we got some closeup shots of me pulling my private parts in funky angles and spreading of course.  In picture #144 I'm sorry, my bad, I forgot to take the gum out of my mouth.  Its the photographer's pet peeve.  But its sugarless Okaayyyy!

My last video was all about my butt, so its only natural to move to my breasts, right?  I go to the makeup mirror, slip my lingerie top off, and give my firm breasts a long and hard massage.  My nipples look really thick and pointy today, don't know why, but I'm sure you'll love it, right?
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.