Chapter 99
Volume III

This title for the update almost sounds like I'm coming out of the closet, as in turning lesbian but nooosir, I'm as straight as it gets.  Sure, I posed with Janelle and do 'fool' around with the models on FTV, but its all simple fun.  I'm sure my site would be double the size in members if I had sex with girls, but I'm just not into it!  Well that was somewhat off topic, so back to the topic, I'm wearing a black lacy top, and some booty shorts/undies that I think match up nice.  Notice how it shows my butt cheeks from behind.  The shirt thing was my idea, something cute but that came off with everything else, pretty quickly in the shoot.  With the closeups of my face, well I was sweaty with the temp in this room being 85 degrees!

What can I say?  This back massager is really meant for the back, but it also works very well on a private part like mine.  You know how 'clitoral' I am (ops if that is a bad word donno) but anyways it really got my juices flowing and I had a good orgasm on this one.  As the photographer said it, this back massager is like the vibrator for housewives who don't want their spouce to know about.  Hehe haha hoho.
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