Christmas 2004

So I finally get to hang out with Fiona!  She doesn't live in Phoenix, but in Las Vegas, so unlike Alexa and other FTV girls, we never had a chance to hang out.  I assisted doing shoots with Fiona, and then spent the night doing Christmas decorations on a very small Christmas tree hehe.  Fiona is so tiny!  She really does look like a little 14 year old girl.  I still think we should have been wearing some clothes for this but the photographer wanted us completely naked.  I'm sure its the same for you guys.  The photos are of us while we were doing the decorations on the tree and acting all silly as usual.  I almost feel like I'm sinning or something doing this all naked, yikes!

We undress and for about 20 minutes we keep busy with all kinds of Christmas decorating on this tiny tree.  You know me, I get all jumpy and sarcastic but Fiona is a lot more quiet than me.  I also had to wear a santa hat that was way too small for my head, no fair Fiona got a real hat to wear.  That girl undresses so fast!
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