Christmas Bonus
Sexy Reds Tonight

Well guys, its fast approaching the 3rd year of my site being online, wow so many updates.  It was around this time when I first met the FTV guys, and the plan was made to make me a special site.  You can almost see how much I've 'grown' over time.  My nipples seem to grow too, and they were used as Christmas ornament holders.  I got the outfit just for this shoot, kind of a homey take-to-your-mom sort of thing, but I'd wear a bra of course!  My nipples were standing out at full attention in this cold.   

See me in my cute outfit, no panties or bra, and I'll talk a little about Christmas to you.  Then a friend of the photographers' comes over, and I answer the door, with my breasts out.  He is the nerdy 'emo' kind of guy, so I doubt he's ever had a naked girl sit on his lap like that!  I made his Christmas day, and I hope you will imagine it is you having me sit on you lap, all naked :)
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