Frequently Asked Questions
  • What exactly will I see on her site? Details please.

Lots of photo and video, 800x1200 size photographs with some in 1000x1500 supersize versions.  The video is in windows media video and divX.  The wmv is of highest quality; 640x480 in resolution up to 3000kb/s bitrates.   You get to see Lia as you would if you were watching TV.
Her shoots involved fashion,
nudes, toy play, masturbation, and some unique fetish themes.  She pretty much wets the entire bed everytime she masturbates!

Example of a Super Size photo.
I currently live in Arizona, spending more time Modeling than I should, but its fun!  Finally I got the guts to try nude modeling, and I'm going to try all kinds of looks, styles, themes and videos.   Most of the money I make from this site will help me pay my way through College, and an excuse to travel!
But also to buy more cute dresses, shoes, panties, hats, lingerie, and hair care products!!  Hey, it will make for more hot pics :)
No Acting Required!
  • The site is updated regularly?

Absolutely, every at least once every week a new update, with a photoset and one or more 20-60+ megabyte video update.

  • Do you airbrush or modify your photos?

The beauty of the Photographers' skill is how his pictures do not need modification.  Along with an attractive model like Lia, most of the photos are posted without any airbrushing or color changes.  The images are as they were directly from the negatives.

Each update is presented
with a new CoverPage.
  • Can I email Lia Directly?

Yes, her email is available in the members section.  She replies to all her members emails, and there is a special section where she has the webmaster post some of her most popular questions.  We also want Members' suggestions on outfits, shoots and such.

  • Do I need to have a broadband connection?

No, but recommended.  All videos are made into individual clips 10-35 megabytes in size, so they are realistically downloadable for slower connections.  Photos are available in Zip format.

Checking her E-Mail?
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  • Any other girls on her site?

The site is focused specifically on Lia, but on occasion, we add some goodies from other girls who have websites from our team, or they meet up to 'play' together.  Whatever Lia likes, we will follow, this is her site :)




  • Do you add music to your videos?

No way.  Its cheezy and lame.  You only hear the model and the background.  We are not sure why others keep editing music in their members' videos, but we don't do it here.

  • Is there a daily download limit to your site? & are the video clips downloadable?

No, there is no download limit.  Yes, you can download all the video clips.

  • What are some of the equipment used for the photo/video?

Photos are taken with 35 mm Nikon F4 camera, and a digital Nikon D100.  Though the photographer prefers the 35mm with Kodak Portra Film -- quality images cannot be derived from digital cameras yet (at least according to our Professional Photographer).  Eg. Playboy or Perfect 10 do not use digital cameras.   Our video camera is the Canon GL2, which will allow us to make quality DVD movies for sale in the future.

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  • Do you have any suggestions, questions, ideas or broken links to report?  We are always interested in hearing from our members on things they would like to see more.  Contact us at:
    INFO @ LIA19.COM
  • Take note that this is a webmaster email, not Lia's personal one.
  • We do not shoot photo or video of pissing, torture, piercing, and general disrespect of Lia (and never will!)
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